Top Ten Best Wrestling News Apps in 2020 (part 2)


You may be inspired by watching other wrestlers, but nothing is more inspiring than your own successes and failures. Suplex is the app that may not fit into the category wrestling news, but it is very useful for all the fresh wrestlers whose careers have just begun.

So, for those who are a wrestler or a coach or have a child who is attending a wrestling school, this app is for you.

Suplex is a wrestling journal allowing you to keep track of all the events that happened in the past, or you intend to take part in, and history of how it has happened with each of your opponents.

All the events are divided into seasons for convenience. You can view your performance in each season and define how successful you were.

If you want to organize easily all of the information about your wrestling experience, you should definitely try this wrestling app.  

Sportfusion – WWE News Edition

For those who don’t want to download an enormous cumbersome WWE app, the unofficial WWE News app created by Sportfusion is the perfect alternative.

The app delivers all WWE news and lets you choose which one interests you most. Depending on your preferences, you can follow any sportsman, different events, and other special materials.

You also can become a member of the app’s community. It allows you to discuss your favorite topics with other people and share opinions on a variety of subjects.

In addition, you can turn on the notifications or create the app’s widget on your home screen so you won’t miss anything. Reading articles with this app is pleasant, too.

The ads are present but you can remove them by a symbolical one-time payment. If you want to read something but do not have time at the moment, you can save it for later reading.

Is American Wrestling (WWE) true or is it performing?

Professional wrestling is a form of success wrestling. Unlike competitions, it doesn’t matter whether you win or lose in professional wrestling, because winning or losing is decided by the scriptwriter (called “booker”). 

But the “booker” just determines who’s going to win and how to win. If “Booker” decides that “Superstar” A will clearly win “Superstar” B, or win by cheating, or someone to help …

Every wrestler is called a “superstar,” the female is called a “diva.” Wrestlers all have a way to end the game, like John Cena with AA (Attitude Adjustment) or Shawn Michaels with “SCM” (Sweet Chin Music). 

After the wrestlers use their own maneuvers, they can execute “Pin Fall” (count to 3) in order to win. Victory can also be obtained by making a main move to compel the enemy to surrender (submission). Kurt Angle’s “Ankle Lock” is a “submission”.

These movements sometimes appear invincible, but when struck, the wrestlers use tricks to shield the opponent from injury. When a professional wrestler pretends to be in pain after he’s hit, he ‘s called a “sell a move.” 

In professional wrestling, it can be said that there is no wrestler, only “character,” every “character” tries to create a different appearance, personality, and must register different “moves” to avoid duplication. While sports such as boxing, athletes practice skills that cause harm to each other, professional wrestlers practice skills that help each other and protect each other during performance to avoid injury.

Wrestlers who have signed with a company may have tales to “clash” with each other. The “conflict” between the “superstar” A and the “superstar” B will continue for a few weeks, if it is admired by the audience. Usually in normal shows, they use this time to build up a conflict for more excitement, then there will be a big show match (called “Pay Per View”).

Reading here, you will also know if American wrestling is actual or is acting 

But even though it’s an act, American wrestling also gives us a sense of charm and suspense, making the viewer feel like watching a long action movie with exciting details …

Top Ten Best Wrestling News Apps in 2020 (part 1)

Wrestling is both competitive and entertaining so there are so many fans of this sport all around the world. However, the news on the subject may be hard to follow. Fortunately, there are some apps that you can use to keep track of all the wrestling events. In this article, we name the best sources.

Having been out there since 1998, has become the most popular information sources to get recent wrestling news and still continues to produce high-quality content about the world of wrestling.

It also offers a mobile-friendly version with special categories of news, like WWE, NJPW, Impact Wrestling, latest news, articles, and many others. The articles in the app can be opened to read in a browser or shared through messengers, social media, or any apps you have.

To check your most interesting materials out later, you can save them to the favorites by clicking the ‘favorite’ button at the end of the read. To get the freshest facts the moment they are out, you can also turn on notifications.

In general, is a very useful and simple app to keep track of what is going on in wrestling field all around the world.


WWE, standing for World Wrestling Entertainment, is a world-famous company. This entertainment app lets you know about all the glamorous news, live shows, reality shows, the careers of superstars, and other types of content. However, it is necessary to go premium to get full access to its live shows.

At the moment, the company is not just about wrestling anymore. It also produces movies, music, computer games, and even clothes.

If you are a fan of wrestling, you may have watched one of their programs before, so you have had your own idea of what it is all about. This app is highly recommended for all the fans who want to watch wrestling for entertainment.

Pacquiao to fight McGregor in a mega-fight in the Middle East

The pay-per – view take for the fight could surpass US$ 750 million, a modern-day record, boxing sources claim. It’s the war that everyone was waiting for.

A mega-fight capable of racking up crazy pay-per – view figures.

As boxing meets MMA once again, Manny Pacquiao has announced that he will fight Conor McGregor in the Middle East next year, The Independent reported.

After vowing to walk away from the octagon for a third time in four years, the UFC superstar was supposedly withdrawn from fighting, but the 32-year-old generated hype on Friday by announcing a mega fight against the legendary Filipino.

McGregor will hope to prove his worth in the boxing ring once again after losing to Floyd Mayweather in 2017 by knockout, this time against a much smaller opponent, with the 41-year-old corroborating his assertion, the report said.

“Senator Manny Pacquiao will fight UFC superstar Conor McGregor next year for the sake of all the Filipino Covid-19 victims,” said Pacquiao ‘s office.

A “massive portion of his earnings” will be donated to those who are affected by the pandemic in the Philippines, they added.
In Southeast Asia , the Philippines has the most reported Covid-19 infections and the region’s second-highest number of deaths from coronaviruses, next to Indonesia, the study said.

On Saturday, the cumulative confirmed cases of coronavirus in the Philippines exceeded 300,000, while deaths increased to 5,284.

McGregor had previously taken to Twitter, saying it would be an honor to share the ring with the world champion of eight divisions, the article said.

McGregor said, “I’m boxing next to Manny Pacquiao in the Middle East.” “Having faced two of the best boxers of the modern period would be a real honour.”

The 41-year-old Pacquiao is the only man in boxing history to win world titles in eight different divisions, whose pace and power trump his age.

In July 2019, he last battled, beating Keith Thurman to take his record to 62 victories and seven losses, with two draws, the study said.
Billed as “The Greatest Fight in the History of Combat Sports,” McGregor vs Mayweather was one of the most lucrative bouts of all time , producing pay-per – view sales of £ 450 million ( US$ 580 million).

The battle itself produced few fireworks as Mayweather won with relative ease, smartly biding his time and dragging McGregor into the deep end.

It was announced that the disclosed paycheque guaranteed by Mayweather was US$ 100 million and the disclosed paycheque guaranteed by McGregor was US$ 30 million.

The purse for the two fighters, however, was anticipated to be considerably higher for each, with Mayweather officially earning US$ 280 million from the fight and McGregor earning US$ 130 million.

McGregor vs Pacquiao, particularly in the Philippines where Pacquiao is extremely common, would probably also generate enormous interest and crazy money.
But both fighters have a massive worldwide fan base, and boxing fans predict that in the Covid era, the pay-per – view tally from sports-hungry fans will surpass US$ 750 million, a modern-day record.

Top Ten Richest Wrestlers in WWE (P1)

WWE brand is more outstanding than other wrestling brands such as Ring of Honor, TNA, and New Japan Pro Wrestling thanks to the participation of some of the most prestigious wrestlers in the world.

WEE wrestlers earn well and that is the reason why its wrestlers are known as the richest wrestlers in the world. Here are the top ten richest wrestlers in the WWE in 2020.

10/ Big Show (Net worth: $1.2 million)

Big Show is a professional American wrestler cum an actor of the WWE. He debuted his career in the World Championship Wrestling (WCW), called The Giant. Until now, Big Show has been working in the WWE for nearly 20 years and has earned a high income worth $1.1 million from this wrestling business. 

Big Show has appeared in feature films and television shows such as The Waterboy, Jingle All The Way, and Start Trek, and the action drama named Burn Notice. 

9/ Kane (Net worth: $1.3 million)

Kane is one of the oldest wrestlers on the list when beginning his career in 1992. However, he remains a legend at the moment who gets high income from the organization despite the irregular performances. 

 8/ Sheamus (Net worth: $1.3 million)

Sheamus has not been around for a long time; he earns $1.3 million per year from his star power. He is known as a good friend of the popular wrestler-Triple H. That is why he gets higher paid than other senior WWE wrestlers. 

7/Randy Orton (Net worth: $1.6 million)

Randy Orton has been established as a WWE chief star and has won 16 overall WWE championships so far. He was also the winner of the 2009 and 2017 Royal Rumble matches. Now, he is one of the highest-paid wrestlers in WWE with a net worth of $1.6 million. 

6/Brock Lesnar (Net worth: $2 million)

During his contract with the WWE, Brock Lesnar has got a $2 million payment as a superstar. After he was identified with diverticulitis, Lesnar was the former UFC heavyweight champion and left the MMA. 

The Rock Has Agreed to Appear on Impact Wrestling’s Hall of Fame

Professional wrestler Ken Shamrock has invited Dwayne The Rock Johnson to induct him into Impact Wrestling’s Hall of Fame, and The Rock’s answer was yes.

The Rock has agreed to make a special appearance on Impact Wrestling to induct Ken Shamrock, an old wrestling friend, into Impact Wrestling’s Hall of Fame. Shamrock asked Dwayne Johnson for the favor on social media and The Rock enthusiastically answered that he would make it happen.

Shamrock and Johnson used to team up to wrestle in the late 1990s. Shamrock said that these matches were a part of his greatest wrestling memories and the professional wrestler only saw it fitting that his old friend would also assist in his induction ceremony.

Johnson’s history with Shamrock comes back to the very beginning of his professional wrestling career. Having defeated Shamrock, The Rock won his first WWE Championship with an infamous chair battle which caused Johnson to slam a metal folding chair into Shamrock’s face.

Shamrock will participate in Impact Wrestling’s Hall of Fame on Impact Wrestling’s Bound for Glory pay-per-view weekend event, taking place on October 24. He has also been inducted into Ultimate Fighting Championship’s Hall of Fame before.

Currently, Ken Shamrock serves in the Marine Corps Martial Arts Program as a subject matter expert, being one of only few mixed martial artists allowed to train others in the military. Previously, Chamrock has been a Worldwide Wrestling Federation champion, known as the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) now. In 2019, he founded Valor Bare Knuckle, a sporting platform for supporters to watch bare-knuckle-style boxing.

After they tangled in the ring during the famed Attitude Era over Johnson’s Intercontinental Title, having The Rock involved in his induction is fitting. When he re-signed with IMPACT last year, The Rock was fully praised for his former on-screen rival and helped him build his own beloved character.

Best Wrestling Channels to Watch on YouTube (P2)

4/ Wrestlelamia

If you think that this channel only involves in the yearly WrestleMania matches, you should look closely at the name. Wrestlelamia provides its viewers with a more dynamic mix of videos.

It is one of the best wrestling YouTube channels that show content like “the greatest secrets revealed,” wrestling analysis, WWE moments, unraveled mysteries, and among others.

Because it is an entertainment show, some people think that the act of modern wrestling is fake or acted.

5/ All Elite Wrestling

All Elite Wrestling (AEW) is a professional wrestling entertainment firm established in 2019. AEW has created by many famous wrestlers such as Matt Hardy, Cody Rhodes, and Nick Jackson (The Elites).

The YouTube channel features programs that are different from famous WWE event such as AEW Dark and AEW Dynamite in every Tuesday and Wednesday.
All Elite Wrestling shows full matches, highlights, and past events of the AEW at the AEW Dark while features some extra acting at AEW Dynamite.

6/ Wrestling With Wregret

Wrestling With Wregret is one of the most creative and informative YouTube channels about wrestling. The special feature of this channel is its presentation of the wrestling storylines in comical ways by the manager of the channel, Brian Zane.

It also features nominated wrestling reviews, top ten videos, and awkward wrestling pasts via the unique forms.

7/ IMPACT Wrestling

If you want to try something other than NXT, RAW, and SmackDown, you should subscribe to Impact Wrestling channel. It is one of the most dynamic wrestling YouTube channels.

IMPACT Wrestling entertains its viewers with the video related to TNA, including the highlights to full matches. It is great for those who are keen on keeping up with the latest happenings in the world of TNA as IMPACT Wrestling keeps track of the upcoming events.

Interestingly, this channel provides you with a compilation of past wrestling event ten years ago. It makes IMPACT become a unique wrestling channel.

Four WWE Superstars that tried out a vegan lifestyle (part 2)

3. Lita

Amy Christine Dumas, better known as Lita to the WWE fans, is an American animal rights activist, singer and semi-retired professional wrestler. In 2003, she founded the animal charity A.D.O.R.E. (Amy Dumas Operation Rescue and Education).

Lita revealed that she has been a vegetarian since she was 14 and then she wasn’t when she was on the road wrestling. So when she retired, she transitioned back.

Lita was involved in the first three Monday Night RAW major events featuring women and also one of the key members of the women’s revolution in WWE. She also faced Victoria in the first women’s steel cage match in 2003. Debuting in 1999, Lita was extremely impressive on the WWE universe, becoming a four-time WWE Women’s Champion.

Having officially inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2014, Rita is still a favorite professional wrestler among WWE fans. Now she remains a dedicated animal rights activist.

4. CM Punk

CM Punk, a former WWE champion, is a vocal advocate for the straight edge lifestyle. He spent almost of his time in WWE on portraying the Straight Edge Superstar, where he would spin the lifestyle depending on whether he was a heel or a face.

Being a face, Punk projected it as a higher moral standard. Being a heel, Punk used it as an angle to make him a cult leader. This eventually resulted in the brilliant Straight Edge Society angle.

Punk also introduced veganism in his life to test out his self-discipline. Being definitely a vegan in 2012, he eventually gave up due to the pressures of being on the road. It is unclear whether he came back to vegan lifestyle after his time with WWE ended.

Despite having since retired from the WWE, Punk made his name in the industry thanks to his razor sharp promos and ability to push the envelope. He has left an indelible impact on WWE fans.

Best Wrestling Channels to Watch on YouTube (P1)

If you are a fan of wrestling, you will try hard to never miss a show. However, if you cannot watch it on TV, you can subscribe to the following YouTube channels.


WWE is the official YouTube channel of the World Wrestling Entertainment. The channel aims to help wrestling fans not miss out on any important events within the WWE world.

If you a true fan of wrestling, you should visit the WWE channel regularly. WWE will update with the latest videos about the wrestling matches and highlights.

Since it is a verified wrestling YouTube channel, you can stream live wrestling events such as WrestleMania, SummerSlam, and WWE Hall of Fame, among others.

However, if you are not a fan of wrestling, you can visit WWE channel to try WWE Monday Night Raw, SmackDown matches, Payback events, and videos such as Top 10 NXT Moments. We believe that you can get addicted to wrestling entertainment.

2/Fact 5 Wrestling

Fact 5 Wrestling is one of the YouTube channels that bring wrestling in the most hilarious form. With some of the weirdest wrestling moments, Fact 5 Wrestling is one of the best channels to view when you are bored and stressed.

Although the actual wrestling has its sounds and music, these will be overshadowed by the whimsical sounds and memes from the wrestling videos.

The quality videos and dynamic humor make Fact 5 Wrestling become one of the most attractive wrestling channels that you must try.

3/ Cultaholic Wrestling

Unlike Fact 5 Wrestling, Cultaholic Wrestling brings you the most outrageous wrestling moments from SummerSlam, NXT, and Raw. However, the channel will not up the wrestling news regularly.

This channel provides match predictions, comparisons, behind-the-scenes content, and the mysteries about wrestling. If you are keen on wrestling podcast, you should pin this YouTube channel.

Four WWE Superstars that tried out a vegan lifestyle (part 1)

Persuading vegan lifestyle requires a lot of commitment. For WWE Superstars, this is doubly true since they need to maintain a rigorous health care routine. However, that hasn’t prevented a number of WWE superstars from adopting a vegan lifestyle. Here’s a list of four WWE Superstars that adopted a vegan lifestyle.

1. Daniel Bryan

Daniel Bryan’s WWE career has been strongly influenced by his personal life choices. Becoming a vegan since 2009 after suffering from elevated liver enzymes and several staph infections, his diet was part of his early wrestling personas in WWE. More recently, he has even chosen a vegan lifestyle. He once shared with Sports Illustrated that vegan food is the stuff that makes him feel good.

He became a frenzied environmentalist who berated the WWE fans constantly for their blatant using and damaging the environment as well. He was awarded a Libby Award from PETA in 2012 for being the Most Animal-Friendly Athlete.

However, Daniel was no longer a vegan because of the complexitiy of traveling with WWE. He had also developed a soy intolerance but counldn’t find enough non-soy vegan food. In spite of that, he try to keep a mostly vegan diet while on the road.

2. Maryse Ouellet

Maryse Ouellet, a former Miss Hawaiian Tropic Canada, became a professional wrestler and now is one half of the Most Must-See couple in WWE. She chosed to adopt a vegan lifestyle and confirmed to be a vegan while re-tweeting a post in 2015.

You can also see this in the reality TV series Miz and Mrs, in which she is the main star besides her husband, The Miz. Maryse tried to convince The Miz to adopt vegetarianism. During a trip to a farm, she challenged The Miz to spend a full week without eating meat. If he succeeded, she would eat anything he asked her to.

Maryse signed on with the WWE back in 2007 and became a two-time WWE Divas Champion. She has also a successful valet/manager of superstars such as Ted DiBiase and Miz.