Mike Tyson made an impressive comeback at the age of 54

Mike Tyson and Roy Jones gave the fans a thrilling display on November 29th. 

At noon on November 29, Mike Tyson returned to the boxing village with a heavyweight success fight with former world champion Roy Jones in four weight divisions. According to the rules, each of them will play against each other in 8 innings, 2 minutes each. Scores are rated by three assessors provided by the World Boxing Council (WBC).

When the bell started ringing, Mike quickly charged and fired a combination of blows at the opponent

Possibly expecting this situation, Jones consciously welcomed the lock, reducing his colleague’s odds of beating. In the first half, there were just 9 hits on goal, 7 of which came from “Steel Punch” 

In the next round, the two sides fought. Mike has a strong goal hook, but Jones is still pretty good and keeps going.

After 4 innings, Mike Tyson stayed fit and took the lead on the scoreboard of 2 experts (40-36, 39-37, 37-40). The second half of the conflict started to see enticing attacks from both sides. Mike is stronger in terms of power, but Jones is dominant in terms of pace. 

Early in the 7th half, Mike escalated and unleashed a sequence of incredibly strong attacks towards his rival. With his knowledge, Jones also knows how to resolve tough times and has two accurate counter-attacks in a row.

Mike and Jones have only started in the last hour. “Steel puncher” has a strong reverse hook, but Jones answers with a precise combo. However neither side can knock out the rival, and both are forced to wait for the point to be assigned. 

According to the findings of the WBC, the match ended with a draw. This result makes a lot of people regret it because Mike is the one who fired more precise shots.

United World Wrestling updated 2021 international event schedule

United World Wrestling, the international wrestling federation, has recently updated its 2021 international event schedule with dates and locations for many important competitions in the sport.

The current 2021 UWW international events calendar includes 39 events in the Olympic wrestling styles with a variety of age groups and different levels of competition.

The Tokyo Olympic Games in Japan on August 1-7 is surely the biggest wrestling event of the year.

Seeding at the Olympics and World Championships are determined by the UWW Ranking Tournaments, including two different Ranking events on the next year’s schedule: the Matteo Pellicone in Rome, Italy, on January 14-17 and the Ziolkowski/Pytlasinski/Poland Open in Warsaw, Poland, on June 8-13.

UWW ranking points are also available at the 2021 Pan American Senior Championships, set for May 27-30 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

After the Olympic Games, UWW will host the 2021 Senior World Championships in Oslo, Norway, on October 2-10.

In addition, UWW has announced the 2021 World Championship events at four other age levels, including the Cadet World Championships in Budapest, Hungary, on July 19-25; the Junior World Championships in Ufa, Russia, on August 16-22; the U23 World Championships in Belgrade, Serbia, on November 1-7; and the Veterans World Championships in Loutraki, Greece, on October 19-24.

2021 United World Wrestling’s most important events

14-17 January: Matteo Pellicone Ranking event, in Rome, Italy

29 April – 2 May: World Olympic Games Qualifier, in Sofia, Bulgaria

27-30 May: Pan American Senior Championships, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

8-13 June: Ziolkowski/Pytlasinski/Poland Open Ranking event, in Warsaw, Poland

9-13 June: Pan American Junior/Cadet Championships, in Buenos Aires, Argentina

19-25 July: Cadet World Championships, in Budapest, Hungary

1-7 August: Olympic Games, in Tokyo, Japan

16-22 August: Junior World Championships, in Ufa, Russia

2-10 October: Senior World Championships, in Oslo, Norway

19-24 October: Veterans World Championships, in Loutraki, Greece

21-24 October: Pan American U15 Championships, in Mexico City, Mexico

1-7 November: U23 World Championships, in Belgrade, Serbia

6-7 November: Pan American Beach Championships, in Bridgetown, Barbados

Japan opts to skip 2020 World Wrestling Championship due to Covid-19 fears

The 2020 World Wrestling Championship was scheduled to take place in Belgrade, Serbia, on December 12 -20.

The Japan Wrestling Federation announced on October 30 that they would not send a team to the 2020 World Championships scheduled to be hosted by Serbia’s Belgrade in December, taking into account the safety for the wrestlers amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

The reasons the federation noted include the surge in Covid-19 infections in Europe as well as the fact that the arena that will be the venue for the event in the capital of Serbia is being used as a makeshift hospital for the coronavirus patients.

At the World Championships last year in Nur-Sultan, Japan won three gold medals and nine overall. Besides Japan, the United States also has announced that it would skip this year’s event.

Although coronavirus infections continue to spread in Japan, the condition has been largely contained with nationwide adherence to countermeasures, including mask wearing. Earlier this month, national-level competitions have been resumed for the first time since February.

With the global calendar rescheduled by the pandemic, the 2020 World Championships were planned to take place on December 12-20 in Belgrade. Unluckily, that schedule overlapped with the set dates of December 17-20 for the All-Japan Championships. Although most top wrestlers indicated that they would have opted to take part in the World Championships; now that choice has been eliminated.

Global coronavirus crisis

In late December of last year, Chinese officials informed the WHO about the outbreak of an unknown pneumonia in the city of Wuhan. After that, cases of the novel coronavirus, later named Covid-19 by the WHO, have been reported in all corners of the world.

The WHO declared the coronavirus outbreak a pandemic on March 11, 2020. The latest statistics show that more than 47,457,200 people from all over the world have been infected.

United World Wrestling Update to Events for 2021

The United World Wrestling (UWW) has updated its event calendar for the next year’s season in order to reflect all recent adjustments made due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on a wide variety of international sporting events.

In order to add the Continental and World Qualifiers, the Continental Championships will be scheduled at the very beginning of the year. Since the Senior Pan-American Continental Qualifiers took place in 2019, the Continental Championships is scheduled to be held at the end of May.

The Continental Championships schedule

From 29 to 31 of January: Oceania Championships, Pago Pago, ASA

From 02 to 07 of February: African Championships, Marrakech, MAR

From 08 to 14 of February: European Championships, Katowice, POL

From 16 to 21 of February: Asian Championships, Almaty, KAZ

From 27 to 30 of May: Pan-Am Championships, Rio de Janeiro, BR

The Continental Olympic Qualifiers schedule

From 12 to 14 of March: Africa and Oceania Olympic Qualifier, El Jadidda, MAR

From 18 to 21 of March: European Olympic Qualifier, Budapest, HUN

From 26 to 28 of March: Asia Olympic Qualifier, Xi’an, CHN

World Olympic Games Qualifier schedule

From April 29 to May 02: Sofia, BUL

In addition, the Cadet World Championships were moved to the end of July of next year in order to not interfere with the Tokyo Summer Olympic Games. There won’t be one full month between the Cadet World Championships and the Cadet Continental Championships. However, the deadline related to the registrations is still the same.

The Junior Pan-American Games has also newly announced that will be also organized in 2021. The qualification event for the Junior Pan-American Games will be the Cadet Pan-American Championships that will have to be organized earlier to allow enough time for the registration or the accreditation process. It has also been agreed that Argentina will host cadet and junior Pan-American Championships at the same time to reduce the cost of the Federations.

WWE – Brutal sport or “bloody” play?

WWE has always been a really exciting and aggressive program

Years back, WWE also had to age limits and be banned from screening in certain countries because it was too bad.

Is WWE acting, or is that real? 

First of all, I would like to say that WWE is pro wrestling and pro wrestling means acting. However, WWE is a class game that has deceived the childhood of many people. 

Wrestlers are actors in the pit, but they are still true risk-takers.” Their “acting” job demands peace and of course, adventure.

If it’s an act, then the blood of the wrestler is fake? 

Interestingly enough the blood of the wrestlers is their own blood. Wrestlers also use specially designed razor blades to create a slight cut in the forehead to produce blood. Owing to the overhead cut and the extreme power of the engine, the blood kept running down the faces of the wrestlers. It is also a testament to making life tough for a professional wrestler. 

The referees who tend to be “making scenes” in WWE are the “supporting performers” who essentially back the “acting” scenes of the wrestlers. From endorsing the involvement in “acting,” the referees also secretly send “props” to the wrestlers.

If it’s just acting, so why are there winners, losers, decent ones, bad guys? 

While acting, the leadership of the WWE must still have a headache when choosing how to star-called push. When the board agrees to “push” someone up, WWE authors will write a script for the next events to promote the name of the wrestler. Take the title, for example, to win the SummerSlam, Royal Rumble. 

In the pro wrestling industry, this creates a paradox. Most wrestlers always play a “loser” part, the “hateful” and the “poor” are typically really kind people outside the game. Since they’re kind, they’re able to play the evil part and embrace loss so that they can bring other colleagues up.

Top Ten Best Wrestling News Apps in 2020 (part 5)


With WrestleFeed,if you are a true wrestling fan, you can be entertained during the whole day. Wresting is a kind of artificial sport for entertainment, nevertheless, millions of people love watching it and always have their favorites.

If this sport is so captivating, the app should be like that as well. That is the case of WrestleFeed, which will make users to fall in love with its design of the interface at first sight. It requires you to create your personal account or log in with Facebook when you launch this app for the first time.

You will always have something to discuss with your friends since it offers the news 24/7 and updates on a regular basis as well. In addition, you will also find here tons of wrestle videos, quizzes, polls, GIFs, and many other entertaining elements.

eWrestling News (Android)

eWrestling News is one more app for Android, aiming at embracing all the news from the world of wrestling. If you have an Android device, you will be provided with these following cool features once you have downloaded the app:

  • A variety of news: recent news, top stories, scores
  • videos and podcasts
  • pictures of Divas and the news about them
  • social posts created by WWE

Like Feedly, eWrestling News is green with news presented in a clear manner. But when it comes to wrestling, this app may be even more convenient than Feedly.

The first reason is that it has more special features; secondly, there is a great handy menu including four categories: news, breaking (news), videos, and results; and, thirdly, you won’t need to choose sources manually. So, you can choose any category you want to learn the necessary information, only depending on your interests at the moment.

It is really worth downloading the app, trying out, and keeping it as well. However, the pity thing is that there is no version for iOS.

Top Ten Best Wrestling News Apps in 2020 (part 4)

Pro Wrestling News Hub

As its name suggests, Pro Wrestling News Hubis all about the pro wrestling news, which is quite specific for men. If you need an app that would provide a wider range of sports news and help you to stay connected to the world of sports, this may not be the app of your choice.

With Pro Wrestling News Hub,you will find news about wrestling and only wrestling. The app is designed to be the best traditions of Android apps and mays seem cheesy to someone. If you open the main page of the website, you can see all the latest news about wrestling. Just click on the article and go into more details.

Pro Wrestling News Hub also provides readers with the information about the upcoming wrestling shows, including who the participants are, which shows are sold out, and how many tickets have already been sold. Moreover, the app is free but features tons of advertisements.


ESPN (or Entertainment and Sports Programming Network) is a sports channel from the US.  It can guide you through the news related to a variety of different sports, from football and NBA to tennis and chess.

In particular, wrestling or WWE is one of them. With ESPN, you won’t often see updates on the topic, however, the overviews of events come in great quality. Therefore, for those who value quality over quantity, it is worth downloading this app.

ESPN also provides viewers with streams and live scores. Here you can just read, listen to podcasts, or watch videos. If you are not a fan of wrestling, you can follow different sports and get notifications on any of them.

The app is easy to use and looks really nice. So, those who are only into wrestling should pick up a more specialized app, but for those who want to be able to read a piece or two of other sports news besides wrestling, ESPN will most certainly satisfy their needs.

Legendary Undertaker announced his retirement

The 55-year-old wrestler, though, said he would consider it if WWE President Vince McMahon still wanted him.

Recently, iconic wrestler Undertaker has left many fans unhappy when he revealed that he would withdraw from the broadcast of the documentary “The Last Journey.” According to Undertaker, this is the best moment for him to pause and be pleased with what he did.

In his head, there are so many feelings, so many emotions

“One is, ‘Are you happy?’ This is an unforgettable moment. Everybody should choose one out of it. “ said the 55-year-old wrestler.

He is going to be back when President Vince McMahon wants him desperately?.” I guess there’s just time to address the question. In an emergency, I might think again. Never say. Now. But at this stage in my career, I don’t want to go back to the arena … I’ve got a hole in my stomach right now.” Undertaker said.

“Death” said he was out of inspiration in the Upper Station after more than three decades of remaining with the artists. However, in case the WWE still needed him, Undertaker left the prospect of returning.

The Undertaker, the real name of Mark William Calaway, is a popular American wrestler. He began his career in 1987 and won two WCCFs, USWA heavyweight titles, before falling in love with WWE. Since then, he has won numerous championships, big and tiny, famous 7-time WWF / WWE champion, 6-time WWE World Tag Team winner, Royal Rumble winner. 

The picture of the Undertaker pushing a massive bike into the ring confidently imprinted on the minds of millions of fans around the world. But the WrestleMania 36 event at the end of April might be the last to see this unforgettable moment. “The cowboy was eventually pulling off the car,” Undertaker said in the interview.

Top Ten Best Wrestling News Apps in 2020 (part 3)

Wrestling News World

Wrestling News World covers different kinds of wrestling news, including WWE, New Japan, Ring of Honor, and TNA. The app is also created and supported by WWE insiders so you can get an access to the latest information from the world of wrestling.

In addition, they stream live results that sometimes can help you get the info even faster than it is shown on WWE. Wrestling News World also provides live discussions so ensure to turn on this app as soon as the battle starts.

Another remarkable benefit of the app is its weekly quizzes. This entertainment is quite enjoyable. Above all, Wrestling News World is a good app. But surely, it also has certain drawbacks. For example, advertising can be intrusive at times and slows down the app even if you have a good internet connection.

All Wrestling News

All Wrestling News is an app designed by CM3 Solutions. This app has two version, including All Wrestling News for Android devices and Pro Wrestling News App for iOS ones. But it is not so complicated like that at all. In fact, it may seem too simple for some. For example, the settings menu is absent.

The biggest advantage of All Wrestling News is that it provides you with different types of news on wrestling topic, including WWE results and rumors, TNA Impact Wrestling, Lucha, New Japan, ROH.

You can also read blogs and open links to website allwrestling.com and its podcasts. Reading articles through this app might have been more pleasant if the developers attended closer to how it looks like for the eyes.

The app is alright and simple but just loses in its competitiveness, taking into account the fact that now one can find so many different apps and sources connected with anything. However, you should pay it one try. It may look old-fashioned but does the job well anyway.

Top Ten Best Wrestling News Apps in 2020 (part 2)


You may be inspired by watching other wrestlers, but nothing is more inspiring than your own successes and failures. Suplex is the app that may not fit into the category wrestling news, but it is very useful for all the fresh wrestlers whose careers have just begun.

So, for those who are a wrestler or a coach or have a child who is attending a wrestling school, this app is for you.

Suplex is a wrestling journal allowing you to keep track of all the events that happened in the past, or you intend to take part in, and history of how it has happened with each of your opponents.

All the events are divided into seasons for convenience. You can view your performance in each season and define how successful you were.

If you want to organize easily all of the information about your wrestling experience, you should definitely try this wrestling app.  

Sportfusion – WWE News Edition

For those who don’t want to download an enormous cumbersome WWE app, the unofficial WWE News app created by Sportfusion is the perfect alternative.

The app delivers all WWE news and lets you choose which one interests you most. Depending on your preferences, you can follow any sportsman, different events, and other special materials.

You also can become a member of the app’s community. It allows you to discuss your favorite topics with other people and share opinions on a variety of subjects.

In addition, you can turn on the notifications or create the app’s widget on your home screen so you won’t miss anything. Reading articles with this app is pleasant, too.

The ads are present but you can remove them by a symbolical one-time payment. If you want to read something but do not have time at the moment, you can save it for later reading.