10 WWE matches with terrible injuries (Part 2)

Steve Austin In the 1997 Summerslam match, Austin challenged wrestler Owen Hart directly to fight for the intercontinental championship. At one point in the session, Owen wanted to hit Austin with a Piledriver. There was a major concern when a somewhat technically deflected impact forced Austin to smash his head straight to the ring. The […]

10 WWE matches with terrible injuries (Part 1)

There are a lot of people who enjoy American free wrestling WWE wars because of exciting fights. While it is very clear that the WWE wrestling matches are scripted, often the wrestlers are over-enthusiasts and perform slightly more “real” assaults, causing extreme injuries. Serious time. The camera lens caught those awful moments, and here are […]

Is American Wrestling (WWE) true or is it performing?

Professional wrestling is a form of success wrestling. Unlike competitions, it doesn’t matter whether you win or lose in professional wrestling, because winning or losing is decided by the scriptwriter (called “booker”).  But the “booker” just determines who’s going to win and how to win. If “Booker” decides that “Superstar” A will clearly win “Superstar” […]

Top Five Best Tournaments In Wrestling History (part 1)

Fans love a good wrestling tournament. Tournaments in wrestling are something that usually gets fans excited. More often than not, it means we are about to get a barrage of entertaining matches and they all have something on the line. These tournaments can be to crown a king, to earn a title shot, a new […]