Four WWE Superstars that tried out a vegan lifestyle (part 2)

3. Lita Amy Christine Dumas, better known as Lita to the WWE fans, is an American animal rights activist, singer and semi-retired professional wrestler. In 2003, she founded the animal charity A.D.O.R.E. (Amy Dumas Operation Rescue and Education). Lita revealed that she has been a vegetarian since she was 14 and then she wasn’t when […]

Four WWE Superstars that tried out a vegan lifestyle (part 1)

Persuading vegan lifestyle requires a lot of commitment. For WWE Superstars, this is doubly true since they need to maintain a rigorous health care routine. However, that hasn’t prevented a number of WWE superstars from adopting a vegan lifestyle. Here’s a list of four WWE Superstars that adopted a vegan lifestyle. 1. Daniel Bryan Daniel […]

Ten Wrestlers in WWE in Dating Competition (P2)

3/ John Morrison (WWE) & Taya Valkyrie (IMPACT!) After the relationship with WWE alumni and MNM’s manager Melina for several years, John Morrison started dating fitness model cum wrestler Tara Valkyrie in 2016. They worked together in IMPACT! and Lucha Underground. In 2011, Taya inked a developmental contract with WWE. In the same year, Morrison […]

Two Biggest Company in Pro Wrestling Industry of Japan

When it comes to pro wrestling, the US-based WWE, the largest pro-wrestling company in the world, quickly comes to your mind. While in Japan, wrestling draws thousands of fans to venues across the country. Now let’s take a look at two biggest companies in pro wrestling of Japan. New Japan Pro Wrestling Among 12 major […]

Education Requirements for Professional Wrestling (part 2)

Check out WWE’s website WWE provides one of the best opportunities in professional wrestling, which can boost a wrestler’s career to great lengths. Head to WWE’s site to see what is expected from you as an applicant before making your decision to choose which program to learn wrestling. When you have determined their education requirements, […]

Seven World’s Famous Wrestlers in All-time -P2

The followings are some of the most famous wrestlers in the world. 4/ John Smith  John Smith, born in 1965, is one of the most decorated freestyle wrestlers in America. His wrestling career began in college, where he won two-nation championships. After college time, he won two gold medals at Olympics, four gold medals at […]

Seven World’s Famous Wrestlers in All-time

Wrestling is one of the most competitive sports and the oldest martial arts in the world. The following are the most famous wrestlers in all-time.  7/ Jordan Burroughs Born in 1988, Jordan Burroughs was a young wrestler in America. His name often pops up during a discussion about the world’s best wrestler ever. He won […]

Education Requirements for Professional Wrestling (part 1)

If you have a dream of becoming a professional wrestler, here are the top education requirements of joining the sport to make real money out of it. Go to a wrestling school Going to a wrestling school and getting all the training required is the best way to get an educational background in wrestling. You […]