Persuading vegan lifestyle requires a lot of commitment. For WWE Superstars, this is doubly true since they need to maintain a rigorous health care routine. However, that hasn’t prevented a number of WWE superstars from adopting a vegan lifestyle. Here’s a list of four WWE Superstars that adopted a vegan lifestyle.

1. Daniel Bryan

Daniel Bryan’s WWE career has been strongly influenced by his personal life choices. Becoming a vegan since 2009 after suffering from elevated liver enzymes and several staph infections, his diet was part of his early wrestling personas in WWE. More recently, he has even chosen a vegan lifestyle. He once shared with Sports Illustrated that vegan food is the stuff that makes him feel good.

He became a frenzied environmentalist who berated the WWE fans constantly for their blatant using and damaging the environment as well. He was awarded a Libby Award from PETA in 2012 for being the Most Animal-Friendly Athlete.

However, Daniel was no longer a vegan because of the complexitiy of traveling with WWE. He had also developed a soy intolerance but counldn’t find enough non-soy vegan food. In spite of that, he try to keep a mostly vegan diet while on the road.

2. Maryse Ouellet

Maryse Ouellet, a former Miss Hawaiian Tropic Canada, became a professional wrestler and now is one half of the Most Must-See couple in WWE. She chosed to adopt a vegan lifestyle and confirmed to be a vegan while re-tweeting a post in 2015.

You can also see this in the reality TV series Miz and Mrs, in which she is the main star besides her husband, The Miz. Maryse tried to convince The Miz to adopt vegetarianism. During a trip to a farm, she challenged The Miz to spend a full week without eating meat. If he succeeded, she would eat anything he asked her to.

Maryse signed on with the WWE back in 2007 and became a two-time WWE Divas Champion. She has also a successful valet/manager of superstars such as Ted DiBiase and Miz.