Professional wrestling is a form of success wrestling. Unlike competitions, it doesn’t matter whether you win or lose in professional wrestling, because winning or losing is decided by the scriptwriter (called “booker”). 

But the “booker” just determines who’s going to win and how to win. If “Booker” decides that “Superstar” A will clearly win “Superstar” B, or win by cheating, or someone to help …

Every wrestler is called a “superstar,” the female is called a “diva.” Wrestlers all have a way to end the game, like John Cena with AA (Attitude Adjustment) or Shawn Michaels with “SCM” (Sweet Chin Music). 

After the wrestlers use their own maneuvers, they can execute “Pin Fall” (count to 3) in order to win. Victory can also be obtained by making a main move to compel the enemy to surrender (submission). Kurt Angle’s “Ankle Lock” is a “submission”.

These movements sometimes appear invincible, but when struck, the wrestlers use tricks to shield the opponent from injury. When a professional wrestler pretends to be in pain after he’s hit, he ‘s called a “sell a move.” 

In professional wrestling, it can be said that there is no wrestler, only “character,” every “character” tries to create a different appearance, personality, and must register different “moves” to avoid duplication. While sports such as boxing, athletes practice skills that cause harm to each other, professional wrestlers practice skills that help each other and protect each other during performance to avoid injury.

Wrestlers who have signed with a company may have tales to “clash” with each other. The “conflict” between the “superstar” A and the “superstar” B will continue for a few weeks, if it is admired by the audience. Usually in normal shows, they use this time to build up a conflict for more excitement, then there will be a big show match (called “Pay Per View”).

Reading here, you will also know if American wrestling is actual or is acting 

But even though it’s an act, American wrestling also gives us a sense of charm and suspense, making the viewer feel like watching a long action movie with exciting details …