The 55-year-old wrestler, though, said he would consider it if WWE President Vince McMahon still wanted him.

Recently, iconic wrestler Undertaker has left many fans unhappy when he revealed that he would withdraw from the broadcast of the documentary “The Last Journey.” According to Undertaker, this is the best moment for him to pause and be pleased with what he did.

In his head, there are so many feelings, so many emotions

“One is, ‘Are you happy?’ This is an unforgettable moment. Everybody should choose one out of it. “ said the 55-year-old wrestler.

He is going to be back when President Vince McMahon wants him desperately?.” I guess there’s just time to address the question. In an emergency, I might think again. Never say. Now. But at this stage in my career, I don’t want to go back to the arena … I’ve got a hole in my stomach right now.” Undertaker said.

“Death” said he was out of inspiration in the Upper Station after more than three decades of remaining with the artists. However, in case the WWE still needed him, Undertaker left the prospect of returning.

The Undertaker, the real name of Mark William Calaway, is a popular American wrestler. He began his career in 1987 and won two WCCFs, USWA heavyweight titles, before falling in love with WWE. Since then, he has won numerous championships, big and tiny, famous 7-time WWF / WWE champion, 6-time WWE World Tag Team winner, Royal Rumble winner. 

The picture of the Undertaker pushing a massive bike into the ring confidently imprinted on the minds of millions of fans around the world. But the WrestleMania 36 event at the end of April might be the last to see this unforgettable moment. “The cowboy was eventually pulling off the car,” Undertaker said in the interview.