Mike Tyson and Roy Jones gave the fans a thrilling display on November 29th. 

At noon on November 29, Mike Tyson returned to the boxing village with a heavyweight success fight with former world champion Roy Jones in four weight divisions. According to the rules, each of them will play against each other in 8 innings, 2 minutes each. Scores are rated by three assessors provided by the World Boxing Council (WBC).

When the bell started ringing, Mike quickly charged and fired a combination of blows at the opponent

Possibly expecting this situation, Jones consciously welcomed the lock, reducing his colleague’s odds of beating. In the first half, there were just 9 hits on goal, 7 of which came from “Steel Punch” 

In the next round, the two sides fought. Mike has a strong goal hook, but Jones is still pretty good and keeps going.

After 4 innings, Mike Tyson stayed fit and took the lead on the scoreboard of 2 experts (40-36, 39-37, 37-40). The second half of the conflict started to see enticing attacks from both sides. Mike is stronger in terms of power, but Jones is dominant in terms of pace. 

Early in the 7th half, Mike escalated and unleashed a sequence of incredibly strong attacks towards his rival. With his knowledge, Jones also knows how to resolve tough times and has two accurate counter-attacks in a row.

Mike and Jones have only started in the last hour. “Steel puncher” has a strong reverse hook, but Jones answers with a precise combo. However neither side can knock out the rival, and both are forced to wait for the point to be assigned. 

According to the findings of the WBC, the match ended with a draw. This result makes a lot of people regret it because Mike is the one who fired more precise shots.