Brock Lesnar is one of the most famous American professional wrestlers for his wide range of achievements in his career. However, not many people know a few things that linger in the shadow of this athlete. The followings are four secrets of Brock Lesnar.

1/ Lesnar Partially Colorblind

Yes, Brock Lesnar has partial colorblindness or tritanopia to be exact. It means that he cannot distinguish colors. He may have trouble in the colorful ring. However, it does not seem to affect his wrestling career.

2/ Joins National Guard at 17 Years Old

It is not all-natural for Brock Lesnar to have a hulk-like physique. His superior stamina partly comes from his time in the U.S. National Guard at the age of 17. He participated in the Guard and learned a few things about military life before leaving to continue wrestling. Therefore, some of his defensive skills may come from his training there.

Despite his desire to fight on the front lines, his color blindness denied him his opportunity. He could not get into the bomb squad and was pushed to an office job.  

3/ NFL Career

After his big success at the WWE, he wanted to pursue his childhood dream of playing in the NFL. He decided to take a break from wrestling life to play football and gain some achievements.

He was noticed by scouts thanks to his extraordinary muscle and physique and quickly made his way up to the big leagues. Unfortunately, he suffered from a serious motorcycle accident before his trials.

Although he injured the groin region, Lesnar still managed to complete the tryouts in record time and joined the Minnesota Vikings soon. However, the injury harmed his NFL career and had to leave the club after half a year.

4/ Only NCAA, WWE, and UFC Champion at all-time

The most outstanding success of Brock Lesnar in his wrestling career is to be honored of being the only player to hold three major championships in professional wrestling powerhouses, namely the NCAA, the WWE, and the UFC.