The followings are some of the most famous wrestlers in the world.

4/ John Smith 

John Smith, born in 1965, is one of the most decorated freestyle wrestlers in America. His wrestling career began in college, where he won two-nation championships.

After college time, he won two gold medals at Olympics, four gold medals at the World Championship, two gold medals at Goodwill Games, and two gold medals at Pan American Games. Until now, there is no American wrestler to break the record achieved by John Smith.

After retirement, Smith became the head coach of OSU’s wrestling team. Thanks to his support, his pupils have achieved a total 32 individual national championships.

3/ Hamid Sourian

Sourian is one of the most famous Greco-Roman wrestlers in the world. Born in 1985, Sourian has so far gained six world championships. Notably, in 2012, he became the first Iranian to accomplish the gold medal in the 55-kg division at the Summer Olympics.

2/ Cael Sanderson

Sanderson is known as the best American wrestler in history. His career started in the NCAA, where he was undefeated, compiling a 159-0 record.

He won four NCAA championships during his college time, four NCAA Outstanding Wrestler of the Year awards, and four Big 12 titles.

He represented the United States in the 2004 Summer Olympic Games to win the gold medal. Now, he is the head coach of the Penn State University wrestling program.

1/ Aleksandr Karelin

Aleksandr Karelin is described as the greatest Greco-Roman wrestler of all-time. He was born in the harsh Siberian Tundra in 1967. It was his father who encouraged him to participate in sports. He decided to pursue a wrestling career during the teenage years.

He won three gold medals at Olympics, nine gold medals at World Championship, 12 gold medals at European Championships, among others. He secured 29 gold medals an one silver medal.