Wrestling is one of the most competitive sports and the oldest martial arts in the world. The following are the most famous wrestlers in all-time. 

7/ Jordan Burroughs

Born in 1988, Jordan Burroughs was a young wrestler in America. His name often pops up during a discussion about the world’s best wrestler ever. He won a list of impressive results during his wrestling career, including a gold medal at the Olympics 2012, four gold medals at the World Championship, two gold medals at the Pan American Championship, and two Pan American gold medals. 

She finished his collegiate wrestling career with an overall record of 128-20. Currently, Jordan Burroughs is ranked second in the United States in terms of his accolades as a wrestler.

 6/ Dan Gable

When he was a member of Iowa State University’s wrestling team, Dan Gable won many national and conference titles. His success helped him win a spot on the U.S. Olympic team and won a gold medal for his weight class during the 1972 Olympics. 

After his gold medal, Dan Gable decided to transition to coaching and achieved many successes. He worked as a coaching assistant for the University of Iowa’s wrestling team and became its head coach in 1972. 

He became one of the most successful coaches in the NCAA when taking his team to 45 National Championships, creating 152 All-Americans, 106 Big Ten champions, and 12 Olympic medalists. 

5/ Valentin Yordanov

Born in a small village in Bulgaria, Valentin Yordanov began wrestling at the age of ten. About a decade later, he won his first European Championship. During the early part of his career, he won seven World Championship gold medals. 

Notably, he won a bronze medal at his first Olympic competition in 1992 and won a gold medal during the 1996 Summer Olympics after his short-time retirement.