Fans love a good wrestling tournament. Tournaments in wrestling are something that usually gets fans excited. More often than not, it means we are about to get a barrage of entertaining matches and they all have something on the line. These tournaments can be to crown a king, to earn a title shot, a new champion, or simply for bragging rights.

Here we list the best tournaments in wrestling, based on their consistent quality and prestige.

Super Strong Style 16

PROGRESS Wrestling has been known for some innovative ideas. Their original top title was a giant staff and they introduced the Atlas division for wrestlers over 205 pounds. But their annual Super Strong Style 16 is a pretty straightforward concept. 16 wrestlers compete in a traditional tournament with the winner earning a PROGRESS Title shot.

What makes this one of the better entries on the list is the high quality of matches as well as the up-and-coming talent involved. For example, 2017’s finals saw Tyler Bate and Travis Banks compete in one of the best matches of that year. Other past competitors include Darby Allin, Kyle O’Reilly, Zack Sabre Jr., and Matt Riddle. Moreover, be sure to check out the creative ways they figure out the brackets, which is usually uploaded to YouTube.

Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic

After the heartbreaking passing of Dusty Rhodes in 2015, NXT started running this tag team tournament in his honor. Since then, each edition of the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic has managed to bring us some of the most exciting wrestling anywhere. It is a perfect blend of good wrestling and quality story development.

It was in this tournament that Bobby Roode start his feud with Tye Dillinger and a big part of the lengthy Finn Balor/Samoa Joe rivalry came when they won this tournament. It also gave us great matches like the Authors of Pain vs. TM61 or #DIY vs. The Undisputed Era. Plus, the list of winners is incredible — Aleister Black and Ricochet, Balor and Joe, Undisputed Era, and AOP.