Top Ten Best Wrestling News Apps in 2020 (part 2)


You may be inspired by watching other wrestlers, but nothing is more inspiring than your own successes and failures. Suplex is the app that may not fit into the category wrestling news, but it is very useful for all the fresh wrestlers whose careers have just begun.

So, for those who are a wrestler or a coach or have a child who is attending a wrestling school, this app is for you.

Suplex is a wrestling journal allowing you to keep track of all the events that happened in the past, or you intend to take part in, and history of how it has happened with each of your opponents.

All the events are divided into seasons for convenience. You can view your performance in each season and define how successful you were.

If you want to organize easily all of the information about your wrestling experience, you should definitely try this wrestling app.  

Sportfusion – WWE News Edition

For those who don’t want to download an enormous cumbersome WWE app, the unofficial WWE News app created by Sportfusion is the perfect alternative.

The app delivers all WWE news and lets you choose which one interests you most. Depending on your preferences, you can follow any sportsman, different events, and other special materials.

You also can become a member of the app’s community. It allows you to discuss your favorite topics with other people and share opinions on a variety of subjects.

In addition, you can turn on the notifications or create the app’s widget on your home screen so you won’t miss anything. Reading articles with this app is pleasant, too.

The ads are present but you can remove them by a symbolical one-time payment. If you want to read something but do not have time at the moment, you can save it for later reading.