Top Ten Best Wrestling News Apps in 2020 (part 3)

Wrestling News World

Wrestling News World covers different kinds of wrestling news, including WWE, New Japan, Ring of Honor, and TNA. The app is also created and supported by WWE insiders so you can get an access to the latest information from the world of wrestling.

In addition, they stream live results that sometimes can help you get the info even faster than it is shown on WWE. Wrestling News World also provides live discussions so ensure to turn on this app as soon as the battle starts.

Another remarkable benefit of the app is its weekly quizzes. This entertainment is quite enjoyable. Above all, Wrestling News World is a good app. But surely, it also has certain drawbacks. For example, advertising can be intrusive at times and slows down the app even if you have a good internet connection.

All Wrestling News

All Wrestling News is an app designed by CM3 Solutions. This app has two version, including All Wrestling News for Android devices and Pro Wrestling News App for iOS ones. But it is not so complicated like that at all. In fact, it may seem too simple for some. For example, the settings menu is absent.

The biggest advantage of All Wrestling News is that it provides you with different types of news on wrestling topic, including WWE results and rumors, TNA Impact Wrestling, Lucha, New Japan, ROH.

You can also read blogs and open links to website and its podcasts. Reading articles through this app might have been more pleasant if the developers attended closer to how it looks like for the eyes.

The app is alright and simple but just loses in its competitiveness, taking into account the fact that now one can find so many different apps and sources connected with anything. However, you should pay it one try. It may look old-fashioned but does the job well anyway.