WWE has always been a really exciting and aggressive program

Years back, WWE also had to age limits and be banned from screening in certain countries because it was too bad.

Is WWE acting, or is that real? 

First of all, I would like to say that WWE is pro wrestling and pro wrestling means acting. However, WWE is a class game that has deceived the childhood of many people. 

Wrestlers are actors in the pit, but they are still true risk-takers.” Their “acting” job demands peace and of course, adventure.

If it’s an act, then the blood of the wrestler is fake? 

Interestingly enough the blood of the wrestlers is their own blood. Wrestlers also use specially designed razor blades to create a slight cut in the forehead to produce blood. Owing to the overhead cut and the extreme power of the engine, the blood kept running down the faces of the wrestlers. It is also a testament to making life tough for a professional wrestler. 

The referees who tend to be “making scenes” in WWE are the “supporting performers” who essentially back the “acting” scenes of the wrestlers. From endorsing the involvement in “acting,” the referees also secretly send “props” to the wrestlers.

If it’s just acting, so why are there winners, losers, decent ones, bad guys? 

While acting, the leadership of the WWE must still have a headache when choosing how to star-called push. When the board agrees to “push” someone up, WWE authors will write a script for the next events to promote the name of the wrestler. Take the title, for example, to win the SummerSlam, Royal Rumble. 

In the pro wrestling industry, this creates a paradox. Most wrestlers always play a “loser” part, the “hateful” and the “poor” are typically really kind people outside the game. Since they’re kind, they’re able to play the evil part and embrace loss so that they can bring other colleagues up.