There are a lot of people who enjoy American free wrestling WWE wars because of exciting fights. While it is very clear that the WWE wrestling matches are scripted, often the wrestlers are over-enthusiasts and perform slightly more “real” assaults, causing extreme injuries. Serious time. The camera lens caught those awful moments, and here are the 10 most terrifying wounds filmed live by WWE wrestlers.

Triple H

In 2001, in a designated group match, wrestler Paul Levesque, also known as Triple H, suffered a major injury that surprised and frightened the crowd. People saw him running towards the opponent through the frame, but when he reached the goal, he unexpectedly collapsed. 

A lot of people thought it was in the story, but in reality it had ripped the quadriceps muscle. He was later seen stumbling through the game and as a result, stopped playing for 8 months after surgery.

John Cena

In 2007, famous wrestler John Cena took part in a RAW battle with wrestler Mr. Kennedy

Right at the start of the fight, the hip hugging and dropping opponent should be just a familiar element, as when the routine of John Cena tore the left chest muscle out of the bone again. 

While he fought to defend the injury area in the match, he ended the fight not only with his adversary, but also with the horrific pain of his injury. With this severe injury, he was believed to have been recovering for a year but just a few months later he was back in the amazement of the crowd.

Kurt Angle

Perhaps one of the most successful “Summerslam” matches in WWE history was the Trio Match that took place in 2000 between Triple H, The Rock and Kurt Angle. Audiences love watching the wrestler Triple H pull Angle out a table in the corner of the ring to execute the iconic final. Unfortunately, after the final blow, the table toppled, and Angle smashed his head down on the ring.Shortly knocked out, Angle eventually returned to the arena, but with a great dizziness in mind. Later in an interview, he said he couldn’t recall anything about the moment.