Steve Austin

In the 1997 Summerslam match, Austin challenged wrestler Owen Hart directly to fight for the intercontinental championship. At one point in the session, Owen wanted to hit Austin with a Piledriver. There was a major concern when a somewhat technically deflected impact forced Austin to smash his head straight to the ring. The blow left him with a severe neck injury, resulting in a lack of feeling in certain areas of his brain, something that the viewer could plainly observe. 

The trauma was so serious that he had been suffering for two years, and finally retired early in 2003

Shawn Michael

Shawn was challenged by the wrestler Undertaker in the 1998 Royal Rumble Machine match. Stuff went fine before Undertaker lifted Shawn and tossed him out of the arena, despite the injury at the time. It didn’t sound serious, but it eventually injured his neck and he had to undergo surgery. Shawn was not able to play again until 2002.

Joey Mercury

It is also recalled not to mess with the ladders, and the wrestler Joey Mercury should follow this guidance. A special technical event occurred during a private match at Armageddon in 2006, which caused the ladder to straighten up and strike Joey in the chest, fracturing his nose and bones around his eyes. The wound was sliced deep and blood streamed to Joey’s chest, he had to fall out of the ring to get the first aid. Since it took too long to rebound, even though he was working to get back in the ring, after three years, WWE removed him from the tournament matches forever.

The Undertaker

While a lot of people believe he’s a good wrestler who’s just causing a lot of harm to his rival, fans can’t trust him to hurt himself one day. In a video episode of the “Smackdown” match, Mysterio causes a simple assault called “Seated Senton” Unfortunately, this assault resulted in a sudden collision that forced wrestler Undertaker to crack his nose and eye contour bones, an injury similar to that sustained by Joey Mercury.