Six Types of Wrestling around The World (part 1)

Wrestling is one of the most popular martial arts all over the world. Depicted by cave drawings discovered by modern-day archaeologists in France, it is a discipline that traces as far back as 15,000 years ago. Nowadays, wrestling is a sport that is loved by a lot of people and practiced by millions around the world. Here we share six different types of wrestling found around the world.


Freestyle wrestling is one of the wrestling techniques that are performed at the Olympic level. Modern freestyle wrestling was originated in the United States and the Great Britain. This type of wrestling has fewer restrictions than other types of the sport techniques at the international level. These techniques include using the legs to trip or subdue an opponent. In freestyle wrestling, an exception to using the legs is the scissor-hold.


Greco-Roman wrestling is another wrestling form that is permitted at the Olympic level. This type of wrestling is unique in that using the legs to subdue, hold, or even grabbing below the waist is not allowed. Contrary to popular belief, the term Greco-Roman wrestling had not been popularized until the 19th century.


Folkstyle (or scholastic) is the form of wrestling that is most common in high school and college competition in the United States. As we can learn from the name Folkstyle, this form of wrestling was developed in the US and is not used in international competition. This type concentrates on control, with points awarded for controlling an opponent for the lengths of time longer than when under control. The wrestler on top must work continually towards a pin while the wrestler on the bottom must try constantly to reverse or escape. Folkstyle has the similarity to Freestyle in that for sometimes both wrestlers are on their feet and trying to take each other to the to gain control. Therefore, knowing Folkstyle helps the wrestler to understand how to control an opponent.