Professional wrestler Ken Shamrock has invited Dwayne The Rock Johnson to induct him into Impact Wrestling’s Hall of Fame, and The Rock’s answer was yes.

The Rock has agreed to make a special appearance on Impact Wrestling to induct Ken Shamrock, an old wrestling friend, into Impact Wrestling’s Hall of Fame. Shamrock asked Dwayne Johnson for the favor on social media and The Rock enthusiastically answered that he would make it happen.

Shamrock and Johnson used to team up to wrestle in the late 1990s. Shamrock said that these matches were a part of his greatest wrestling memories and the professional wrestler only saw it fitting that his old friend would also assist in his induction ceremony.

Johnson’s history with Shamrock comes back to the very beginning of his professional wrestling career. Having defeated Shamrock, The Rock won his first WWE Championship with an infamous chair battle which caused Johnson to slam a metal folding chair into Shamrock’s face.

Shamrock will participate in Impact Wrestling’s Hall of Fame on Impact Wrestling’s Bound for Glory pay-per-view weekend event, taking place on October 24. He has also been inducted into Ultimate Fighting Championship’s Hall of Fame before.

Currently, Ken Shamrock serves in the Marine Corps Martial Arts Program as a subject matter expert, being one of only few mixed martial artists allowed to train others in the military. Previously, Chamrock has been a Worldwide Wrestling Federation champion, known as the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) now. In 2019, he founded Valor Bare Knuckle, a sporting platform for supporters to watch bare-knuckle-style boxing.

After they tangled in the ring during the famed Attitude Era over Johnson’s Intercontinental Title, having The Rock involved in his induction is fitting. When he re-signed with IMPACT last year, The Rock was fully praised for his former on-screen rival and helped him build his own beloved character.